Literary Match Bout Review: McBride Delivers Smackdown To Hoffman

From the opening paragraph of the short story Kill All Your Darlings, it’s quite evident that Tracie McBride has administered a sound literary beatdown on Kenneth Hoffman’s Up in Smoke – on stylistic grounds, if for no other reason. But alas, there are quite a number of other good, solid reasons to prefer McBride’s tale [...]

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PatronQuo Literary Review of “Forgiven”

The author of the short story, Forgiven, wants you to know that yes, indeed, it is a wonderful life out there – even if we, the readers, must navigate a tempestuous sea of typos, sentence fragments, and expository dialogue to get his uplifting message of peace and salvation. Though some might regard Forgiven as an uplifting [...]

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Update: Fiction Writer Match Bout Standings

Whether the literary community wakes up to it or not, continues to blaze its trail of innovation online with its new Literary Match Bout feature. The PatronQuo Match Bout Standings chart is now up on the Stats page (the bottom chart). Here, you can view which tales have kicked the most [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions For Literary Match Bout Voting

All the answers to the questions you have about our innovative new Literary Match Bout feature on what it is, how it works, and why you should vote. I. WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WORKS What exactly is a literary match bout? A literary match bout is a contest between any two short stories or [...]

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Funny New Death Match Banners To Spice Up Your Writer Websites and Blogs

Now that we’re running literary death match bouts 24/7 for every tale submitted on, we thought it apt to roll out our new funky promotional death match banners. Feel free to copy the codes below and decorate your web sites and book blogs with these sunny little messages from . LITERARY DEATH MATCHES [...]

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It’s Here! Match Bout Record Charts For All Novel and Short Story Submissions is setting the standard for all book and short story submission websites with its pioneering launch of a Match Bout Record chart appended at the foot of every featured tale. A Match Bout Record chart is a reader-sourced tool that provides writers, literary agents, publishers, fans, and prospective patrons a valuable guide as to which [...]

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by Liz Gementiza

She could have walked in any moment tonight. Proposing for a few drinks. Or movies...anything to delay that moment she dreaded when she enters home only to be greeted by a deafening silence. She said it made her miss her late husband. When he was alive, he used to greet her arrival with an interview about her day at the office. He knew everybody in her department without having met them and he inquired about them every night when she arrives. Every night for how many years. And so now, coming home in total silence felt weird to her as if there is something missing somewhere. 

He understands now what she meant. He feels exactly the same way tonight. It is- as he explains to himself, a result of habit: he has grown so used to her being around and now that she’s gone, he still finds himself anticipating her to appear at the doorway whenever the door swings open during late hours. 

Category: Short story  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 151  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 151
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Operation Suicide

by Jun Yap


Cole sat on the plane, carrying ammunition and some guns to a base in Nevada. Nobody knew this except for him and his commanders. Then out of the blue, 3 planes were behind him, Cole glimpsed the swastika on the sides of the planes, all the planes were equipped with a gunner on the back. They started firing. The bullets tore through his wings and he could do nothing except force a landing. He shouted into the radio. “MAYDAY MAYDAY, Plane….. “CRASH”

Category: Short story  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 163  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 163
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by Chris Drew

Dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend, I love you and I couldn’t have done this without your help.


Category: Short story  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 169  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 169
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by dfj 

I Work at an art museum. All my life I observe the observers that awe or complain about over the embodiment of an artist’s mind hung up. Seeing the name as a status, commending or dissing them for not selling them a brand well enough. Let’s say I ask you do picture Van Gogh, what do you think of? Certain individuals might think of blue and yellow palate in the night, or a chopped off ear laying on a satin cloth in a display case. Lit up like the items of the artist’s own insanity. Let me bring up another one, the homeless man named Westie, a paraplegic. Logically using the needs of food, water, crack, and booze, he places a pencil in his mouth and moves his head back and forth against bits of paper. It’s even impressive listening to an event like this through conversation, but witnessing a lonely almost sane, raggy Monet, who creates something better than Jesus on the 4th day. Only to society though he is forever pictured as bitter pocket change and empty bottles. No brand, no specific colors but tan cardboard under misfit shades of grimed green. Society sees the perfect little idea of Jesus, unless it is covered in easily, avoidable filth. Shame on them.

My job is to protect, project the repetitive prints and chunky old art. When you are alone in a building, in a shiny, open, old, empty building you are out of focus. Not even dreaming of what my career will be after my job. When you’re in an empty, scary place in your mind creates thoughts that you can clear, manipulate, console, and torture as they scream into your ears. Just how people are manipulated from or for a society. Can’t stress enough how productive I am at what I do here. At times I even help with the janitors, dusting the shelves and displays, just so I can imagine the specks floating to another world of a piece dark polished furniture. I feel power in watching for thieves who try to get rich off my duty. I never have stopped anyone, no crime, no vigilantes; just myself. I see myself as a father, no wait more like a uncle who gets passed down from generation to generation until he can’t comprehend the idea of a family no longer. I don’t give a shit.

Category: Novel  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 35  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 35

All-Time Patron Rankings:

Rank Name
1Cori Jones
2Tony Ferrero
4Stuart Ackerman
6Holly Jahangiri
7Jean Irizarry
8Heather Kephart
9Jason Cook
10Ellen Pall

All-Time Author Earnings:

Amount Name
$340.00Cori Jones
$106.00Holly Jahangiri
$60.00J. Leland Kupferberg
$15.00Paul Beckman
$15.00Andrea Helaine
$15.00Tracie McBride
$15.00Salvatore Buttaci
$10.00Lazar Goldshlager
$10.00Maria Elizabeth Romana
$5.00Isabella Nativ

All-Time Novel Earnings:

Amount Title
$340.00Hanging Wasp by Cori Jones
$10.00Little Miss Straight Lace by Maria Elizabeth Romana
$5.00Ruby Sun by Paige Owen 

All-Time Short story Earnings:

Amount Title
$106.00The Trouble with Oliver by Holly Jahangiri
$40.00Up and Over by J. Leland Kupferberg
$20.00Craftsman's Volley by J. Leland Kupferberg
$15.00Get Off The Couch, Ann Landers! by Paul Beckman
$15.00Angel of Death by Andrea Helaine
$15.00Kill All Your Darlings by Tracie McBride
$15.00The Drummer Yusipov by Salvatore Buttaci
$10.00Tales of The Hang Buddy by Lazar Goldshlager
$5.00Bedtime Story by Isabella Nativ
$5.00Skin for Skin by Jonathan Papernick

Match Bout Standings:

Rank Title Matches Leading
1Benjie Boy81.82%
2The Pens81.82%
3The Hand of God80.00%
4Angel of Death76.47%
5Near Death75.00%
6One of Those Days72.22%
9Tales of The Hang Buddy65.38%
10Wreck of the Marie Jenny65.00%

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