Literary Match Bout Review: McBride Delivers Smackdown To Hoffman

From the opening paragraph of the short story Kill All Your Darlings, it’s quite evident that Tracie McBride has administered a sound literary beatdown on Kenneth Hoffman’s Up in Smoke – on stylistic grounds, if for no other reason. But alas, there are quite a number of other good, solid reasons to prefer McBride’s tale [...]

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PatronQuo Literary Review of “Forgiven”

The author of the short story, Forgiven, wants you to know that yes, indeed, it is a wonderful life out there – even if we, the readers, must navigate a tempestuous sea of typos, sentence fragments, and expository dialogue to get his uplifting message of peace and salvation. Though some might regard Forgiven as an uplifting [...]

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Update: Fiction Writer Match Bout Standings

Whether the literary community wakes up to it or not, continues to blaze its trail of innovation online with its new Literary Match Bout feature. The PatronQuo Match Bout Standings chart is now up on the Stats page (the bottom chart). Here, you can view which tales have kicked the most [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions For Literary Match Bout Voting

All the answers to the questions you have about our innovative new Literary Match Bout feature on what it is, how it works, and why you should vote. I. WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WORKS What exactly is a literary match bout? A literary match bout is a contest between any two short stories or [...]

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Funny New Death Match Banners To Spice Up Your Writer Websites and Blogs

Now that we’re running literary death match bouts 24/7 for every tale submitted on, we thought it apt to roll out our new funky promotional death match banners. Feel free to copy the codes below and decorate your web sites and book blogs with these sunny little messages from . LITERARY DEATH MATCHES [...]

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It’s Here! Match Bout Record Charts For All Novel and Short Story Submissions is setting the standard for all book and short story submission websites with its pioneering launch of a Match Bout Record chart appended at the foot of every featured tale. A Match Bout Record chart is a reader-sourced tool that provides writers, literary agents, publishers, fans, and prospective patrons a valuable guide as to which [...]

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Bryant West

by Salvatore Buttaci

If a word had to be found to sum up Bryant West, he himself would opt for “ironic,” and he’d be right! The man was irony personified.

He read the invitation his wife had left on the huge cherry-oak desk in what he called “the lion’s den,” and twisted his mouth into his usual grimace. “Spring has sprung!” he read aloud. “Welcome to our annual Gala Event to be held again this year at the Regal Palms. Let’s see if we can exceed last year’s financial contribution to St. Dominic’s Orphanage and bring smiles to the faces of those children!”

Category: Short story  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 105  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 105
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Over The Edge

by vince kamp

Sheridan shook his wrist free from his double cuffed shirt sleeve and checked his Patek Philippe wrist watch. He couldn’t help taking a moment to admire the sweep of the second hand, in spite of his twisting and writhing stomach. A bead of sweat rolled off his nose and splashed against the sapphire crystal, magnifying the roman numerals in the meniscus.

As the lift doors rumbled open, he finally let his breath whistle through his teeth. He rubbed his eyes hard with the heel of his hand, then stared down the hallway in front of him. His eyes followed the soft yellow glow of the art deco wall lamps, reflecting in the perfectly polished marble floor, toward the doorway at the end of the hall.

Category: Short story  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 50  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 49
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The Book of Mark

by Janet Lloyd Weber

Janet Lloyd Weber

1959 E. Wheatridge

Category: Novel  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 6  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 4
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The Stormgatherer

by Adam Bourke

The young woman quickly summoned a wind to protect herself from the falling hail. As the wind formed a protective barrier around her, she signalled to her accomplice in their secret language. He made a subtle gesture in reply, before soaking the assailant with a torrential downpour from behind. The opponent lost concentration and her hail subsided. The young woman looked up and saw the final adversary approaching, she signalled again, to warn her friend, and then sent forth an electrical storm. Her opponent cried out as the Storm entombed him in a cage of electricity. Triumphant, the pair dissipated their magic and left the training room. Their eight bedraggled opponents followed them, defeated.

It was summer, and the trees were in bloom. The particular oak that the two were sat near was the same one they had devised the secret language under. It was their language; they had designed it years ago, back near the beginning of their learning. The training pairs were always the same, and the language was how they kept winning in the academy training rooms. None of the other students knew about it, or had one of their own. It was definitely an advantage. But it would soon be left fallow. When they finished their lives as students in a couple of weeks, their use of magic would be severely restricted. They would never work as battle partners again.

Category: Short story  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 32  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 27

All-Time Patron Rankings:

Rank Name
1Cori Jones
2Tony Ferrero
4Stuart Ackerman
6Holly Jahangiri
7Jean Irizarry
8Heather Kephart
9Jason Cook
10Ellen Pall

All-Time Author Earnings:

Amount Name
$340.00Cori Jones
$106.00Holly Jahangiri
$60.00J. Leland Kupferberg
$15.00Paul Beckman
$15.00Andrea Helaine
$15.00Tracie McBride
$15.00Salvatore Buttaci
$10.00Lazar Goldshlager
$10.00Maria Elizabeth Romana
$5.00Isabella Nativ

All-Time Novel Earnings:

Amount Title
$340.00Hanging Wasp by Cori Jones
$10.00Little Miss Straight Lace by Maria Elizabeth Romana
$5.00Ruby Sun by Paige Owen 

All-Time Short story Earnings:

Amount Title
$106.00The Trouble with Oliver by Holly Jahangiri
$40.00Up and Over by J. Leland Kupferberg
$20.00Craftsman's Volley by J. Leland Kupferberg
$15.00Get Off The Couch, Ann Landers! by Paul Beckman
$15.00Angel of Death by Andrea Helaine
$15.00Kill All Your Darlings by Tracie McBride
$15.00The Drummer Yusipov by Salvatore Buttaci
$10.00Tales of The Hang Buddy by Lazar Goldshlager
$5.00Bedtime Story by Isabella Nativ
$5.00Skin for Skin by Jonathan Papernick

Match Bout Standings:

Rank Title Matches Leading
1Benjie Boy81.82%
2The Pens81.82%
3The Hand of God80.00%
4Angel of Death76.47%
5Near Death75.00%
6One of Those Days72.22%
9Tales of The Hang Buddy65.38%
10Wreck of the Marie Jenny65.00%

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